Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tips Tricks and Questions from a Social Media Manager

I have leaned many things over my career as a smm and want to share a couple tips

A Local Following
When I first started out I found it hard to gain fans/followers for companies that need their followers to be in one city or state. These are the things I have found:

  • Facebook advertising is great for this to start your page from scratch
  • Cross promotions with local businesses via social media works great
  • Liking and following all your local teams, city, etc
  • Follow all the people that follow something local especially the competition (their conversion rate will be higher)
  • Get in contact with anyone and everything from that area, the more people that know about you the better

What and When to Post
Post relevant content and make sure to always include photos. People are around 30% more likely to like a post with a photo. Post at least once a day on Facebook and link it to your twitter. All your Facebook posts should go to your twitter.
Don't waste your time scheduling posts on Twitter if you don't already have a nice following. Chances are the posts that you are bulk uploading suck and no one wants bad posts on their feed. Take your time and create amazing tweets that people will RT. 1 amazing post is much better than 15 bad posts a day.
Post all this stuff around 1 - 3 pm on the weekdays and weekends

People You Should Know
So you need help with a FB page or Twitter account? Ask for help then. It's pretty cool who you can get in contact with on Twitter.

What are your most valuable tips?
Where would you say that you obtained the bulk of your fans? 


  1. As we know that social media marketing gives lots of advantages to the business firms if they use it properly, but sometimes it carries several risks also. Unless you have someone check your social media accounts several times a day, disgruntled customers or employees can publish negative comments which can malign the organization's fame.

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  2. First thanks for commenting James.

    I'd say that it is a SMMs job to check and manage their accounts all day. A social Media Manager should have some sort of smart phone app that tells them when a comment has been made on a FB business page. I use the iPhone pages app that lets me know what is going on with my 40+ accounts 24/7